If you are in the business of aviation, whether you are an aircraft repair and service, a municipal airport, or other aviation service business, we can put a program together specifically for you.

  • Fixed Base Operators, FBO’s are responsible for expensive aircraft. They also have exposure for the products they sell and for the things that happen on their locations. We have the experience to put together an insurance program that not only meets the broad exposure you face, but meets it at the most competitive price possible. We can also take care of coverage for things like your crew cars, refuelers and other ground service equipment, and especially insurance for your buildings.
  • General Aviation Repair Stations, Aircraft repair shops have their own unique insurance exposures, especially now that the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) has relieved manufacturers from liability arising out of older aircraft, which make up the vast majority of the fleet. Due to the cost and availability of higher limits of liability for aircraft owners, shops have more exposure than ever. Get in touch with us and we can make sure you are properly covered!
  • Hangar Owners and Condo Associations, Whether you own or lease a single hangar, or represent an entire group of owners, we can get you insurance that will cover the liability of storing other people’s expensive airplanes, slip and fall claims, and anything else that may happen on your premises.
  • We also can cover:
    • Airport Authority and Municipality
    • Residential Airpark and Private Airport
    • Aircraft Dealer
    • Air Show and Fly-in
    • Helipad

We are aware that many of our clients have the need for more protection than underwriters are willing to provide. That’s why we offer additional liability coverage for our customers who require it. If you need a higher limit just let us know!

If you have other commercial aviation needs, call us because we can also help with the items below as well as other needs you may have!
  • Aviation Business Auto
  • Aviation Worker's Compensation & Employer's Liability
  • Aviation Related Bonds (including Customs)
  • Airport Pollution Liability & Clean Up

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