Dental insurance is equally important to health insurance because dental disease is prevalent and can lead to other health issues. Consequently, being protected by a dental plan and using it wisely are necessary safeguards for your entire family.

Unlike medical ailments, which are usually unpredictable, most dental problems are preventable. Checkups and cleanings are the way to keep teeth healthy. With regular preventative care, problems can be diagnosed and treated in time, reducing the need for additional dental and medical care.

Generally, a local dentist provides dental care, even though sometimes the services of a specialist are required. Dental benefits plans can be categorized by the options offered for selecting a dentist. Some plans allow you the freedom to choose your own dentist, while others, in exchange for lower rates, limit your choice. Today's health insurance, including your dental plan, is designed to help you get the care you need at a reasonable cost.

Because each person's oral health is different, costs can vary widely. To control dental treatment costs, most plans will limit the amount of care you can receive in a given year. This is done by placing a dollar "cap" or limit on the amount of benefits you can receive, or by restricting the number or type of services that are covered.

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